Pearl-essence: ReimagineArt Spotlight

The art is, of course, foundational to ReimagineArt, but it is more so the coming together of people – WONDERFUL people – the company planners intrigued enough to give us a try, the open-minded managers, the go-for-it participants, and an exceptionally talented crew of facilitators. When the business started taking off and I needed help, I knew exactly whom to call: Joan, Maggie, Ann, Peter, Cathy, Shirin, each master educators, artists, creative colleagues, and collaborators, many of whom I have known for nearly half my lifetime. I love them all but there is one especially near and dear to my heart who didn’t even make the list.

For over twenty years I have attended the same gym class – same instructor, same classmates. I’m no spring chicken, but am on the younger side of the regulars. We slug though life together three mornings per week. If any one of us is inexplicably absent for too long, the concern is palpable. We are a motley crew but tightly knit.

As it goes, we each gravitate to our own familiar spot in the studio. Pearl has occupied the spot behind me for over two decades.  I have never seen Pearl in a bad mood – ever. I had to know her secret to happiness so invited her to lunch. I learned some astonishing things about Pearl that day, first that she is 89 years old (you have to meet this spry lady to understand my astonishment) and next, that she starts each day anew without holding a grudge (this was the answer to my question). She makes it look so easy….

People are enthusiastic when I tell them about ReimagineArt but Pearl was BESIDE HERSELF! She invited me to the house she shares with Harry. After swift introductions, she sat us down at a square bridge table for tea and cookies. Pearl pulled out her iPad for help with browsing my website but clearly had other things on her mind. Springing from her chair, she beckoned me to follow. Starting in the kitchen and moving from room-to-room, we commenced a veritable art gallery tour along the walls and hallways of her home: cheery watercolors, saturated acrylics, rich oils, sophisticated mixed media – all created by yours truly. Who knew?

I gushed, Pearl demurred but eventually stopped, whirled around staring me hard in the face: “I am an artist and I want to help.”

Pearl, I’d be honored.

If you are lucky enough to have Pearl attend your ReimagineArt event, you will know her for her smile, enthusiasm, and positive energy. She’ll be buzzing around encouraging your work, snapping photos on her raised iPad, half convincing you that you are the next da Vinci. Oh how I love Pearl. Her endorsement and support is all I need to know and remember that we have a good thing going – a very good thing.



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