Science proves that generating art with one’s own hands and imagination is a rich whole-brain activity that stimulates creative and strategic thinking, innovation, problem solving, and insight. Creating art elevates mood, increases coping, improves memory, and soothes. It promotes a sense of accomplishment, brings people together, pleases the senses, and beautifies spaces.

ReimagineArt is distinctly different from the wine and painting classes around the country. We customize our art offerings to meet client needs, and participants create a unique piece of art from their own imaginations rather than paint the same image as everyone else in the class. We offer creative experiences in a variety of mediums beyond paint and bring an expertise in working with people and teams.

Depending on complexity, art experiences typically last from 2 to 4 hours. More involved projects may involve scheduling multiple sessions.

ReimagineArt experiences are customized to meet our clients’ distinct objectives for bringing the creative arts to the workplace. An art activity designed for a party will look different from one designed for de-stressing or team formation, for example. As such, price depends on intent, scale, and scope of your particular project. We first meet with management to determine objectives, then submit a written proposal matching company needs with just the right art activity. We are best able to respond to your inquiries once we understand your goals.

We recognize that the thought of ‘doing art’ alongside co-workers is anxiety-producing — easily half of our brave clients put themselves in the ‘not artistic’ camp. That said, everyday we have the pleasure of watching the lights flicker on as participants reconsider long held beliefs around creative aptitudes. Our objective is that every participant, regardless of skill or comfort level, find some way to engage with and experience the rewards of the creative arts. Trust us on your first experience, then look forward to the next. Check out our blogs for more thoughts on the subject.

While this is not art therapy per se, there are therapeutic properties to a ReimagineArt creative experience. Depending on the specific end goal of your art activity – and if we are doing our job – participants can expect to feel relaxed, energized, connected, and inspired.

Corporations, professional offices, startups – we create with them all and then some. The common denominator among our client base is the recognition that co-workers and teams need and appreciate occasional reprieves from job demands to clear the mind, learn new things, and connect with each other in casual yet meaningful ways.

Organizations or departments from just a few to a few hundred work best with our model. Larger numbers are broken down into staggered groupings to optimize learning. Special activities are designed to accommodate oversized groups gathered for events such as picnics, receptions, and trade shows.

As a mobile art studio, we travel to you. We arrange a visit to your facility, off-site, or venue prior to the event to determine the best time and setup for your art experience. ReimagineArt also books creative spaces in the community for a change in scenery.

We are equipped to provide both a singular art experience or a series of experiences which allows participants to complete more involved projects and/or delve deeper into their creatives reserves.

ReimagineArt provides everything needed for your creative art activity: set-up, clean-up, art supplies, protective table and floor coverings, aprons, instruction, inspiration, even food and live music if you so desire! All you need to do is show up.

Our home base is in Portland, Oregon, and yes, we do travel! Travel expenses accrue beyond a 20 mile radius of downtown Portland.

ReimagineArt Mobile Art Studio rose out of the conviction that companies best succeed when the care and development of employees is as central to the mission as the care and development of the product. By bringing the human and environmental benefits of the creative arts into the workplace, we support management in their efforts to engage and enliven employees, build rapport among co-workers, develop team, and enhance workspaces.

Contact founder, Amy Jarvis, to discuss next steps.



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