Letter from our Founder

It is with great joy that I introduce to you ReimagineArt Mobile Art Studio, a concept born at the intersection of passion and need – a passion for sharing the far reaching benefits of the interactive creative arts, and the need for relational health and personal well-being in the workplace.

Evidence of companies caring for employees appeared around the turn of the century with athletic associations, exercise breaks, employee gyms, and parks. Today, with a nudge from the Affordable Care Act, nearly 80% of businesses offer healthy living incentives and will spend an average of $693 per employee in 2015, a bump up from $594 in 2014. Even still, less than half of workers participate.

As a professional advocate for healthy living, I am convinced that low participation rates in current organizational wellness programs boil down to an emphasis on physical over relational health and personal well-being. Physical health has its definite place (indeed!), but remote connections and strained relationships in the workplace – compounded by job-related stress – clearly impact personal health, performance, and engagement in and out of the office. We need to do a better job of fostering connectivity and balance of mind at work.

ReimagineArt Mobile Art Studio brings the substantiated benefits of the interactive creative arts into the workplace for wellness, stress reduction, camaraderie, team building, creative fitness, workspace enhancement, celebration, entertainment, and fun! Experience for yourself the pleasure of co-creating with your co-workers and enjoy the welcome relational and personal boost.

Eager to get down to the important business of creating with you,



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