For Purpose

88% of businesses plan to improve employee engagement in 2017 (and) 78% of organizations view employee well-being as a critical component of their business strategy” – Virgin Pulse

Companies can expect to see employees de-stress, connect, and build trust as a result of their co-creative experience.

ReimagineArt for workplace:

  • wellness
  • bonding
  • team building
  • retreats
  • creative fitness
  • workspace enhancement
  • coping with change in the workplace

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For Fun

It would be very unusual for a company to be among [Fortune’s] ‘100 Best’ and not score well on the fun question.”

– Amy Lyman, Co-Founder A Great Place to Work Institute

We partner with companies that recognize the relational and organizational benefits of inviting fun into the workplace.

ReimagineArt for employee:

  • social gatherings
  • parties & celebrations
  • business accomplishments
  • milestone recognitions
  • promotions
  • retirement
  • retreats ~ and more!

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Our Clients

HR, Managers, Owners


When was the last time you appreciated your team for supporting your vision day-in and day-out? What are you doing to promote healthy relationships in the workplace? ReimagineArt Mobile Art Studio partners with businesses around the care and keeping of employees — your greatest asset. Our hands-on creative experiences bring people together around art, one of the most time-honored catalysts for connection, communication, ingenuity, health, healing, and entertainment.


Company Event Planners


Searching for a unique and winsome activity for your next company event? ReimagineArt Mobile Art Studio helps you shine by facilitating a custom creative art activity to entertain and delight your employees and guests. We partner with Company Event Planners to find just the right hands-on artistic project for your event to compliment themes, venues, and objectives.



Executive Coaches


ReimagineArt collaborates with Executive Coaches to bring fresh and impactful teaching and learning techniques to your work with executives both individually and in groups. Customized art activities intersect with coaching objectives of insight, expanded thinking, self-awareness, authenticity, stress management, and connectivity. Invite art into your work with upper level clients to go deeper personally, relationally, and professionally.




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